Árvore da Vida Chapel

Árvore da Vida Chapel


The intervention strategy involves the insertion oi a chapel in St. Tiago Seminary. This is a loose volume inside the antechamber of the Seminar assumes its centrality. The design of this “body” intends to create a unique structure , balanced and visible by becoming an exceptional piece inside the building.

Alter outlining the vision of the sacred space that surrounds the chapel, we tried create a proposal that would absorb the religious character of the assembly, creating environments that promote a spirit of inwardness, reflection and recollection thus maintaining the serene atmosphere. The design of the new volume is articulated to the pre-existence, creating some openings and new forms of perception of the surrounding area.

This semi compact body is distinguished from the existing, but is complements in symbolism. The space surrounding the new chapel is assumed as a transition space. The intent oi project is to arouse the curiosity of those who wonder there, inviting them to walk in its direction.

Árvore da Vida chapel won 2011 ArchDaily Building of the Year and was distinguished with a Honorable Mention in 2015 National Wooden Architecture Award.


Completed 2012
Photos: Nelson Garrido